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Express Porter provides overland freight forwarding services of any weight. We provide size or type of commodity with best rates.


Supply Chain Services

We provide supply chain services to organizations that need a study flow of goods from manufactures to the retail stores, depending upon their business model. We manage the supply chain by making sure that the inbound and outbound logistics work in harmony.

  • Inbound Logistics- We move the raw material from suppliers to the places where it is demanded. We create the study supply of the materials to match the production output.
  • Outbound Logistics- We move the finished products from the warehouse to the demanded venue like shopping complexes where the products are sold to the consumer.

Heavy Haulage Services

We use haulage transportation vehicles to transport heavy, huge items or goods in large quantities. Our heavy haulage services include transportation of heavy machinery as well as transportation of vehicles. We load the heavy equipment onto a suitable truck cautiously and transport it to the intended place. In order to stay committed to our customers, we do a complete inspection of the truck whether it is inspecting the tires, lights, brakes, tie- down points or the weight. We make sure that the tie-down working load limits add up equal at least half the weight of the load. We also manage the tie- down points according to the requirement of the heavy equipment.

  • Heavy Machinery Transportation- No matter how large the size of your machinery is, we ensure that your item is transported safely. Oversize is really not an issue for us as we are already specialized on heavy machinery transportation.
  • Vehicles Transportation- We can transport any type of vehicle. We can manage up to 8 cars at a time that too with utmost safety. We have a large variety of trucks and a specialized team for the transportation.

Temperature Controlled Cargo Transportation Services

We do our best to protect the goods of our customers from the weather conditions. We make sure that the temperature-sensitive items like beverages, fresh food, medicines and pharmaceuticals, high- value items etc are transported in their best condition. In order to maintain the trust between us and our customers, we have special trucks i.e. refrigerator truck or a chiller lorry to carry such sensitive items.

We also use real-time monitoring and tracking. For example, if the products are to be shipped below 30 degrees, the driver will be alerted if the truck rises to 31 degrees. Thus, this prevents the sensitive items from any kind of harm.


Freight Transportation Services

Our main objective through this service is to pack and move the goods or shift them safely to their new location. Our team is well experienced and we can shift the goods without any difficulty. We shift the goods in such a way that they remain in their original condition till they are delivered.

  • Packers-Without transportation goods are impossible to relocate. We pack the goods and make sure that the loaded goods are safe on the trucks and ready for transportation. After carrying the goods safely, they are off-loaded at the desired location.
  • Movers- This service is really beneficial for the clients who have to shift their office from one place to another or the ones who are changing their place to stay. Express Porter helps the people to change their locations without a second thought, through the excellent service provided.

Bulk Container Services

Our company utilizes bulk containers. The containers are sealed once they are filled at a factory. With our excellent equipment and proper planning, we transport hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. We take the responsibility of the goods whether it is the picking, handling, storage or the distribution.

  • Liquid Bulk- We transport liquid products such as fuel oil, crude oil, vegetable oil, wine, petrol etc. All such products need extra care and are quite sensitive and so we do our best to provide the bestprotection to such products whether it is the temperature management or the protection from the outside weather.
  • Dry Bulk- We transport dry bulk such as sand, grain, cement, salt, metals, sugar, coal etc with utmost care and safety.

Last Mile Delivery

We know that every stage of logistics process of supply chain is crucial from the time packed goods leave from the sender and arrive at the destined place, while each and every step is of high priority, last mile delivery is also considered top priorities by our clients. This has been driven by the continuously evolving market and industries such as e-commerce, food, retails and many more.

We deliver the package to the recipient as quick as possible. We do understand the busy urban lives and so make sure that the delivery is fast and accurate. Apart from this, order tracking is one of our must feature as it helps in building the trust between the customers and service providers.


Contractual Leasing of Truck Services

Express Porter provides leasing services which can be periodic, indefinite or of a fixed time period. We provide this service at an agreed lease amount. To avail such a service there are certain formalities and a contractual agreement.


Green Energy Equipment Logistics Services

Express Porter tries to balance the efficiency of the economy and the environment. Environment issues are really important for us and so we try our best to minimize the ecological impact. We do this by maintaining proper strategies of supply chain.


Cargo, Heavy Lift and Break Bulk

We bring you an excellent project cargo management and provide break bulk. We assure you maximum security for each cargo project. While shipping oversized cargo, we provide our customers with a number of services and deliver using variety of equipment.


Exhibitions and Events Logistics

As the event organizers and exhibitors have specific logistics needs, Express Porter consists of experienced logistics professionals who understand the value of a safe and reliable transfer of exhibits, instruments or props from one place to another. We ensure that the exhibits are delivered to the venue at the right time and in a perfect condition.


Relocations and International Movements

With the in-depth expertise and experience, we at Express Porter ensure untroubled relocation. It really doesn’t matter which place you move, we at Express Porter are always ready to provide you a door to door delivery. For instance, moving offices can become an easy task with a good planning and a successful coordination. Our team is well trained to pack and move equipment like furniture, computers, electronic systems etc in an organized and safe manner. Apart from this we also have specialized trucks to relocate your vehicle from one place to another. The safety of your product is our utmost priority and so we ensure that no damage occurs. For example, we make house wooden crates for fragile paintings to avoid any harm. We handle the products across all international destinations.