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Health Care and Pharmaceuticals Logistics

Like any other industry, pharmaceuticals and medical industry also require a experienced and well governed supply chain network to ensure that their products reach its desired location. The supply chain of raw materials for manufacturing place or forwading medical supplies such as surgical equipment to hospitals and finished drugs to distributors or pharmacies, these complex need transporters who possess an infrastructure like temperature controlled carriers while ensuring that the products transported do not lose their properties.

The secure delivery of public healthcare products is life-preserving. Which is why at Express Porter we offer supply chain solutions, so that time and temperature sensitive products reach their destination safely. Reliability is therefore crucial in forwarding healthcare products. We provide innovative methods of transporting medical and healthcare supplies with care, also providing expedited services for transporting medical devices, surgical supplies and surgical instruments which are essentials for medical healthcare providers to ensure that the emergency supplies are delivered as quickly as possible.

During this time of pandemic, Express Porter is trying its best to keep supply chains moving and support the demands of our customers in the safest way possible along with keeping the stores abundantly stocked.


Automotive Logistics

Automotive logistics is dedicated to supply chain of manufactured light motor vehicles and heavy motor vehicles. Moving of finished vehicles and service parts from manufacturer to assembly plant and then on to the dealer.

Automotive industry is facing many challenges with fluctuation in consumption of demand and technological diversities. With the implementation of ‘just in time’ and ‘made to order’ process, effective delivery of automobiles and their spare parts is one of the important aspect in this sector. Also the flow in supply of products from suppliers should be smoothly coordinated to ensure manufacturing and assembling processhappening in time, which leads to delivery of the products to consumer in time.

Roll On and Roll Off trucks and ships are specially designed to carry wheeled cargo such as automobiles, trailers or railway carriages or any type of heavy vehicle which help in executing operations like vehicle logistics, inbound logistics, production logistics, after sales services, and reverse logistics as well.

The life cycle of vehicle is complex, also with continuous changes in the demand and technologies require manufacturers and logistics service providers to revise their supply chains operations, in order to lead the industry.


Energy and Industrial Logistics

Energy sector is the future of any industry in order to promote green environment and ecological balance. Use of renewable energy demands a large number of projects which require installation of solar plants, wind mills, hydro-electric power plants which are of high financial values. Processing the supply chains of products and equipment for these projects is a major challenge, as many of the projects are in potentially remote areas while paying attention to safety of these equipment during shipping is also a challenge.

Express Porter utilizes labor efficiently, maintains supply chain of these infrastructure and equipment. We have proper transport control system and we avoid downtime. One of our significant approaches is that of Renewable Energy and so we serve sectors including wind energy, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar power, and biomass.


E-Commerce Industry

The E-Commerce market has transformed from simply retailing products to a grand shopping complexes. Brands are continuously changing and reinventing online shopping modules as consumers are leveraging online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, in purchasing decisions. More than 60% of the customers search internet to get cost effective solutions. The manufacturers, distributors, retailer, logistics manager and service providers in B2B and B2C e-commerce are working to go with trends.

The role of logistics is significant in the e-commerce industry. The products are forwarded in bulk to the retail stores through conventional transport means. Through transportation services, Express Porter links business to its supply chain partners such as from manufacturers to the suppliers and then forwarded to retail market places.


Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing or Industrial Logistics Industry is all about operations and services required to carry out the manufacturing activities, encompassing management and optimization of processes like supply of raw materials to production place and then to retail stores.

Prevention of any kind of delay in supply chain and processing of a profitable operation is what logistics does to this sector, as modern manufacturing process and complex and challenging. Major Industries which require manufacturing logistics are automotive, machinery and mechanical equipment, petrochemicals, energy and telecom sector.


Construction Industry

Our transportation is quite effective and we deliver the construction materials at the site. Our company will help you to finish your project on time by its fast transportation. We carry almost all bulk construction materials like roofing, lumber and concrete.

  • Roofing Materials- No matter how heavy and large the roofing material is, we can move the heaviest construction item easily and with a proper strategy. The roofing material comes in varieties and so we utilize special tie-down techniques to transport the materials safely.
  • Bulk Construction Materials- We transport bulk materials like concrete mixtures, building insulation, framing lumber etc. Weuse specialized trucks in order to deliver the materials intact to their destination.
  • Furniture and Household Goods- Once the project of the building is complete, we are asked to deliver the household goods and the furniture too. We give special attention in handling these materials and use various techniques in order to avoid any kind of damage.
  • Mixtures- We use specialized equipment to transport concrete products. Wet concrete mixtures are time sensitive so we placethem within certain time parameters.

Food and Beverages Industry

Food and beverages industry require flexible, innovative and tailored solutions according to the specific needs of clients, to transport products all over Middle East in temperature controlled containers. Fresh produce like dairy products, meat products, sea food require a temperatue of 4 degree Celsius. Fruits and Vegetables at 8 degree Celsius, Liquid food stuffs, chocolates at 10- 12 degree Celsius, and Frozen products require temperature controlled containers ranging from -10 to -20 degree Celsius.

To transport food and beverages, we ensure that there is transportation cleanliness and that the products are delivered in time. We develop a separate cold supply chain and create best track and trace procedures in order to avoid any kind of spoilage.


Aerospace Industry

Aerospace industry is a competitive and challenging sector when it comes to smooth supply chains of spare parts to achieve best value manufacturing and keeping airlines running continuously for services. With airframe, engines, raw materials, aircraft’s parts amongst the products which are required to be forwarded at destined location for assembling and other operational purposes.

Logistics services partner are very helpful to aerospace industry as they are certified professionals who cover specific requirements and expectations of clients by transporting spare parts, engines and systems with utmost care and safety Express Porter helps in moving the raw materials, various parts and even oversize items such as engines and airframes safely to desired location thereby ensuring negligible glitches in supply chain operations and also see to it that these expensive materials are transported safely.


Import-Export Industry

We deal with the export and import logistics proficiently. We organize the product to be delivered and take the responsibility until it is delivered safely. We handle, store, pack, transport and clear the export goods in a well manner. On the other hand, when we import the products, we make sure that they are transported with the same high standard.