We believe challenges could lead us to critical opportunities

Freight transportation and Logistics (T&L) has been the backbone of any industry since a long time. In order to gain profits, companies rely on T&L as they need to forward their raw materials or finished goods from one place to another. Logistics is an important aspect of supply chain management that helps to boost the sales and profits of businesses which deal with manufacturing and retailing of their products.

Nowadays due to emerging challenges and issues like fluctuating fuel prices which result in increase in transportation costs, least transparency in supply chain operations, conventional business models and many more, leads to reduction in the overall growth of the businesses

Express Porter is continuously evolving and providing innovative solutions into national and local supply chains and freight forwarding, there are many challenges we face on behalf of our clients, in order to give them hassle free services as we want to make sure thatour clients are not overlooking any critical step in overcoming the common logistics hurdles. We are self sufficient and functioning at our full capacity to build a network which is resilient to face existing and future challenges in logistics and transportation industry.

Reducing Transportation Costs

Reducing transportation costs is almost a key challenge in logistics industry. While fuel costs fluctuate and are often increasing, in such case keeping the fuel and transportation costs as low as possible requires creative solutions and thoughtful planning. Rising diesel fuel prices, fueling surcharges, escalating freight rates-these can seem insuperable.

However, by consolidating freights and making the most use of any available space in transportation of goods, costs can be cut significantly also our logistics experts optimize the travel routes and thus reducing the transportation costs, while ensuring proper inflated tyres, choosing smooth roads, setting up speed restrictions, and putting efforts to curb the aggressive driving also lead to reduce fuel costs which reduce the overall transportation costs.


Environmental Issues

The transportation of goods through trucks and trailers emits greenhouse gases at high rates but our solutions like optimizing routes to reduce fossil fuels consumption and optimal driving techniques help in decreasing the emissions, indirectly helping us to achieve our motive of ‘Green Logistics and Greener Environment’.

Driver Shortage

Freight forwarders rely heavily on the trucking industry to move the freight to desired location. Due to shortage of highly skilled and experienced drivers this industry is facing challenges in transportation of goods.

Express Porter acknowledges this challenge and take measures like hiring the right candidates and helping them training, giving a improved culture, adjusting the pay and rewarding them with incentives.

Enhancing Customer Service

Customer service is all about maintaining good communication and transparency of services provided. We believe maintaining healthy relationship with clients helps in earning their loyalty which is valuable to us. At the end of the day clients are driving force for Express Porter, and objectives set by us are in accordance to the demand of our clients.

Giving transparency when it comes to tracking orders is one kind of a challenge which we eradicate by using technology for tracking the shipment and taking into account of last mile delivery problems, we provide offline support in our service as noticeable advantage for clients to check information about the goods transported or contact a carrier offline.


Safety and Security of Goods

Cargo theft is, unfortunately, a typical occurrence as it is a loss for both shipper and carrier, which also damages the relationship and trust of clients. Apart from this preventing goods from damage is also a hurdle in the field of transporting goods.

Our team consists ofthoroughly screened, reliable drivers and technology like shipment tracking, we use during the period of transportation ensures the security of goods, on the other hand Express Porter’s security process of using high security rear door locks, conducting periodic security audits and we make sure security protocols are well followed at Express Porter.

In order to maintain the proper condition of the small to medium sized goods, we fill the extra space with air cushions so that the box doesn’t shift around the container, damaging the goods inside as well as the box packaging. We take special measures which ensures the shipping of fragile materials with utmost safety and security.

Our Values



  • Express Porter’s experienced and skill team of professionals are responsible for its ongoing success in the field of transportation and logistics


  • We at Express Porter make great efforts to gain the faith of clients and willing to work even harder to maintain the trust and goodwill. Trust is the foundation on which great and successful ventures are executed and we believe that our company will rank among the successful companies worldwide in near future.


  • Express Porter possess immense respect for its consumers and clients, employees, and for the laws through which Express Porter is governed. No relationships can flourish without respect and the company acknowledges and appreciates its employees for maintaining respectable relationships with our clients.


  • Achieving excellence in the quality of work and services we provide is our common standard. We believe that quality service is a basic want of our every client, which creates clients loyalty towards the service providers.


  • Reliabilty in transportation and logistics is one of the hardest things to earn. It is built from the very first conversation with the client. We believe in never over-promising, and always over-deliver, no matter what. We always try our best to meet the expectations of our clients.


Message From Managing Director

Our mission is to provide our clients the most captivative experience through our superior quality service. We want to excel as a service provider. The team of Express Porter gives special attention to long term strategy. Our approach is client oriented and so we have indulged in a long-term repeated business with many of our clients. We provide numerous valuable services to our clients and their satisfaction is the utmost concern of Express Porter. We have a devoted team and ensure that we have a convenient package along with saving time and money. We work hard daily for our customers and ensure that we remain focused on our goal and that our core values are instilled in each member of Express Porter. At last, I would like to thank all the employees, customers and business partners for their support and continued trust…


Mohammad Jasim

Managing Director

Mohammad Zeeshan

Co-Founder And Sales Manager

Message From Co-Founder And Sales Manager

First of all I would like to thank you for your interest in Express Porter and visiting our website. It has been a challenging journey for me but undoubtedly it is a fruitful one. It is with the efforts of the team of Express Porter that we have become a priority to our clients. There is a spirit of leadership and strive for excellence found in the staff. We assure our clients that their expectations will never be shattered as we are committed to exceed the expectations of our clients. With your back and our dedication, we will continue to be your trusted partner

Quality, Health & Safety

Quality, Health & Safety, Environment

Express porter aims to achieve the first in class standards of Quality, Health,Safety and Environment. Our company puts QHSE in the top most priority list as to achieve sustainable development throughout our business operations. We are always making an effort to deliver quality services, ensure health, secure operations and have least impact on environment and society. The guidelines mentioned in quality, health, safety and environment policy leads our day to day operations and serve as a significant benchmark for evaluating and improving our services.

ISO certifications is a proof of approval from a authorized body that the company runs to one of the standards developed and published by International Organization for Standardization(ISO), each ISO standard has its own benefits. Our QHSE structure is in compliance with all the required obligations as mentioned in the standards.


ISO 9001:2015

  • ISO 9001:2015-- Quality Assurance Management System ISO 9001, is an international standard used worldwide by millions of organization that providingquality services for an effective Quality Management System (QMS). It focuses on risk based thinking and addresses supply chain management. ISO 9001 framework provides benefits such as increased best practices efficiency and focusing on quality, increased revenue, increased levels of customer satisfaction, and customer relationships.

ISO 45001:2018

  • ISO 45001:2018--Occupational Health and Safety and Management Systems- This is in interest to help an organization control and reduce all occupational health and safety risks and promoting and protecting physical and mental health. It is widely seen as the worlds most recognized occupational health and safety management systems standard, issued to protect employees and visitors from work related accidents and diseases.

ISO 14001:2015

  • ISO 14001:2015 -- Environmental Management Systems- ISO 14001 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for an effective controlling and continual improving of organization’s environmental management system (EMS). ISO 14001 covers various benefits such as improved resources efficiency, reduced wastes, cost reduction and improved overall impact on environment and managing environmental obligations with consistency.


  • The NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (IGC) provides a broad understanding of health & safety issues and is an essential qualification for anyone working in or wanting to work in safety & health anywhere in the world.

Global Health And Safety, Environmental Policy


At Express Porter we are committed to consistently provide solutions and services that meet and exceeds the requirements of our clients. We will actively pursue ever improving and developing first in class quality services through various programs that enables EXPRESS PORTER to achieve customer satisfaction.

At Express Porter we are committed to:-

  • Value our clients and fulfill their needs in order make EXPRESS PORTER productive globally.
  • Deliver safe and reliable services that meet our customer expectations.
  • Drive functional excellence with a developing a lifestyle of continuous improvements.
  • Act in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and other organizational requirements.
  • Maintain an effective Quality Management System (QMS).

Our Principles:

  • Visble and active health commitment to health and safety
  • Integration of health and safety managements with business decisions
  • Employees involvement and engagement in achieving health and safety targets
  • Identification and management of safety and risks
  • Regular monitoring, reporting and reviewing of performance.
  • Clear upward and downward communication systems